In Canada all provinces, except Alberta, regulate alcoholic beverage sales. In some, beer is sold by specially set up companies e.g The Beer Store in Ontario in others the provincial control board sell beer in its stores.
The official alcoholic beverage distributor in Ontario is the L C B O, that operates in excess of 600 stores and a few concession stores in the north during the summer months.
You can buy your preferred beverage in the stare, or order online to be delivered to indicate the store you wish to pick it up.
Here are some value wines that you can order online and pick up at a store of your choice, or have it delivered to your home at an additional charge.

White wines

Fishbone Sweet Lips Sauvignon Blanc, 2017, Harvey Estate, Western Australia Greenish yellow colour. Aromatic and fragrant. Well balanced with a long finish. Suitable for pan-fried sea-foods, pastas with seafood, risotto with chicken or seafood, or as an aperitif. $ 18.05 LCBO number 485739

Galan Reservada Privada Sauvignon Blanc, Sociedad Vitivinicola Siete Tazas, Chile
Pale greenish yellow. Light with a beguiling cut grass aromas. Medium weight and very appealing. Pair with vegetable stews, seafood pastas, Italian-style appetizers, semi hard cheeses, fried perch or smelts.
$ 12.10 798603

Red wines

Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon, Billy Goat Estates, Western Australia
A blend of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon from Western Australia. This region’s wines are less alcoholic and more subtle than those from eastern Australia. Ripe stone fruit aromas waft out of the glass. Full bodied and deeply flavoured. Pair with beef stews, grilled lamb chops, roast leg of lamb, roast loin of pork, roast beef, grilled beef steaks, game stews, hard cheeses.
$ 18.75 486711

Incrocio Manzoni Rosso, 2017, Collalto, Veneto, Italy Ruby red in colour. Aromas of ripe berries jump our of the glass. In the mouth the wine is smooth, well balanced, succulent, and finishes with a long aftertaste. Pair with lamb sews, semi hard cheeses, fried or grilled lamb meat balls, medium hamburgers, pastas with meat sauces, pizzas and cold cuts.
$ 25.60 710045

Sparkling wine

Espumoso Ardayel Seco Brut, Vinas del Bierzo Western Spain A 100 per cent varietal sparkling wine based on the mencia grape indigenous to Bierzo in western Spain.
Aromatic, medium bodied this sparkling wine offers exuberant mousse, finesse, and refreshing flavours of apples and pears. Suitable as an aperitif, for toasts on special occasions, and even after work with friends and fellow workers in a pub before dinner.
$ 19.55 561711

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